Our professional payroll system and team of qualified staff provide a complete service that ensures your company payrolls are processed accurately, on time, every time.

With few exceptions, if you have a business that employs staff, you must meet your obligations to HMRC by operating a payroll to process your staff wages.

It is crucial that you pay your employees correctly and on time but running your company’s payroll efficiently and correctly can be a time-consuming process.

It is no longer realistic to run a payroll on paper. Recent changes in legislation, such as the introduction of RTI (Real Time Information) reporting to HMRC and pension auto enrolment, make the process more complex. Couple that with penalties for not submitting the correct forms at the correct time, and you soon appreciate that an electronic payroll system is essential.

Of course, PC and cloud-based systems are an accessible option for a company to administer payroll themselves, but this dedicated function of a business requires investment to setup and maintain. Due to the costs of installation, training and keeping abreast of the legal requirements that change every year, small and medium sized companies often choose to outsource payroll duties to accountants and payroll specialists such as us at Burton Bandini.

A full payroll service to remove the hassle for you

As well as offering businesses a complete accounts package that includes payroll service, we provide a dedicated outsourced payroll function.

We provide you with payroll solutions that are specially designed to be flexible to your business.

Choose Burton Bandini for your payroll services

  • Professional management of your company’s payroll by our team of experienced and highly qualified staff, making payroll transitions of new staff and staff leavers seamless
  • Saving your business the cost of payroll software and training by benefitting from our expertly run processing service using our professional payroll system
  • Up-to-date and compliant with HMRC legislation such as RTI reporting and pension auto enrolment whilst also ensuring that data protection confidentiality is carefully managed
  • Guaranteeing your company payrolls are processed accurately, on time, every time – professionally supporting your staff and your business.

Efficient payroll services for your business

We process your payroll so that all the detailed work is taken care of; leaving you to use your time focusing on your day-to-day business.

Weekly timesheet, advanced pay and standard monthly payrolls can all be catered for.  The price quoted will include payroll stationery, the notification of monthly Inland Revenue obligations and all year end statutory submissions.

We can provide a full payroll service, including:

  • PAYE Tax, National Insurance and Student Loan deduction calculations
  • Provision of online or email pay statements/employee payslips
  • Completion of P45s for leavers
  • Submission of monthly and annual returns to HMRC
  • Submission of P11d returns
  • Handling of staff pension auto enrolment
  • Management of the business payroll journal

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